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Cosmopolitan Development: The Impacts of International Volunteering Semi-Structured Interview Data

posted on 2021-11-02, 01:21 authored by Susanne SchechSusanne Schech, Anuradha MundkurAnuradha Mundkur, Tracey Skelton, Uma Kothari
This dataset comprises transcripts of 162 interviews undertaken to gain an in depth understanding of the impact of international development volunteerism (IDV) with particular reference to the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) program. Participants included volunteers (N=83), host organisation staff (N=63 and IDV services providers and Australian embassy staff (N=16). Most interviews were undertaken face to face during international fieldwork.

Three broad themes emerged from the interviews:
1. Building partnerships - the relationships that develop between host organisations and volunteers through the AVID program;
2. Capacity development and reciprocal learning - changes in skills, knowledge/understanding and processes at the individual level and the organisational level in the host organisation;
3. Developing cosmopolitan orientations - changes in perceptions of Australia and/or being Australian, changing views on volunteering and development, and on international solidarity and a common humanity.

Date coverage: 2013-08-01 - 2014-12-31
- Australia
- Cambodia
- Indonesia
- Maldives
- Peru
- Solomon Islands


Cosmopolitan development: the impacts of international volunteering

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This dataset may be available for sharing. For more information, contact Prof Susanne Schech

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