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Electroreception in early vertebrates

posted on 2021-10-22, 04:12 authored by Benedict King, John LongJohn Long
This data contains 7 CT scans of early vertebrate fossils from the Devonian period:
Eastmanosteus postsuborbital MVP231104
Kimberleyichthys postsuborbital ANUV1037
Parabuchanosteus suborbital ANUV1686
Torosteus postsuborbital MVP230808
Torosteus suborbital MVP230808
Ligulalepis skull ANUV3628

Dataset size is approx. 140Gb

Date coverage: 2014 - 2016
Time Period: 21st century CT data. Fossils from the Devonian period
- Gogo station, WA
- Burrinjuck dam, NSW


The origins of electroreception and nocturnality in the earliest known jawed vertebrates and their bearing on vertebrate diversification

Australian Research Council

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