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Heart rate data of superb fairy-wren embryos recorded at Newland Head Conservation Park and Cleland Wildlife Park (South Australia) between 2012 and 2013

Dataset contains 2 x csv files (preservation copy) and 2 excel spreadsheets (original copy). Recorded as part of an experiment designed to test whether fairy-wren embryos can discriminate between conspecific and heterospecific calls and between conspecific individuals.

Heart rate of superb fairy-wren embryos were recorded using a digital egg monitor (Buddy ™, Vetronic Services, UK) that measure light absorption changes due to embryonic blood flow.

Date coverage: 2012 - 2013
- Cleland Wildlife Park, South Australia, Australia
- Newland Head Conservation Park, South Australia, Australia


Primary contact

Prof Sonia Kleindorfer, sonia.kleindorfer@flinders.edu.au

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