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posted on 2023-10-20, 23:11 authored by Maryam BarghamadiMaryam Barghamadi, James Rogers, Joanne Arciuli, Amanda Muller

This study investigates the potential statistical relationships among L1-L2 congruency, semantic transparency, frequency, and proficiency in the productive knowledge of MWUs. The research involved 256 Iranian L2 learners, assessed through a gap-filling test and IELTS scores. Productive knowledge of MWUs was evaluated using a high-frequency list generated through the lemmatised concgramming method, comprising 11,212 MWUs categorised by frequency levels. Findings indicated a positive correlation between MWU knowledge and proficiency, with decreasing knowledge as frequency decreased. Participants excelled in congruent and transparent items, and a significant interaction was observed between L1-L2 congruency and IELTS scores. These results emphasise the importance of prioritising L1-L2 congruency in developing English MWU resources, shedding light on their impact on proficiency and language learning outcomes.


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