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Nerve firing rates and tissue strains evoked by various loading conditions in the guinea pig large intestine

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posted on 2021-11-02, 02:14 authored by Simon BrookesSimon Brookes, Gwen Palmer, Timothy HibberdTimothy Hibberd, Mark TaylorMark Taylor, Tina Roose
Analysed data and measurements collected from recordings of viscerofugal neurons in the guinea pig large intestine. Firing of single viscerofugal neurons was identified in extracellular colonic nerve recordings. The locations of viscerofulgal nerve cell bodies were inferred by mapping firing responses to focal application of the nicotinic receptor agonist, DMPP. Mechanosensory firing was recorded during load-evoked uni-axial or bi-axial distensions. Distension caused movement of surface markers which was captured using video imaging. DIC tracked the markers, interpolating the mechanical state of the gut at the location of the viscerofugal nerve cell body. Fields include loads, displacements, firing rates, shears and strains.


How intestinal motility activates sensory pathways

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