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Raw un-demultiplexed V4 16s rRNA sequences from I. hirsti ticks collected from six conservation parks (South Australia) between 2005 to 2015

posted on 2021-10-22, 01:26 authored by Patrick Taggart, Sonia KleindorferSonia Kleindorfer, Tessa Bradford, Renee SmithRenee Smith, Michael GardnerMichael Gardner, Frank Sulloway
Data were collected from 83 ticks across six study sites in South Australia to test if a simple metric of habitat area can predict microbial diversity and prevalence of pathogenic bacterial genera in avian ticks. Ticks were collected opportunistically from birds captured in mist nets. The V4 region of the 16s ribosomal RNA gene of microbes found in the ticks were then sequenced.

Date coverage: 2005 - 2015
Location: South Australia, Australia


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Prof Sonia Kleindorfer, sonia.kleindorfer@flinders.edu.au

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