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SEAWAT input files - tidal propagation circular aquifer

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posted on 2021-10-22, 00:55 authored by Cristina Solorzano RivasCristina Solorzano Rivas, Adrian WernerAdrian Werner
Input files that contain parameterization of the aquifer we are simulating (e.g., the hydraulic properties, geometry, etc.) as well as some information to solve the numerical model (e.g., solvers). These input files are standard files required by SEAWAT (model to simulate variable-density groundwater flow) in order to run the model, these can have free format or some standards specified by the model. In our case, we use free format. They can be read in any text editor and they have been created using some standard packages used in Python.


Defining and controlling seawater intrusion in threatened coastal aquifers

Australian Research Council

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