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Time-lapsed microstructural images of human femoral epiphyses loaded to fracture

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posted on 2021-10-22, 01:19 authored by Saulo MartelliSaulo Martelli, Egon PerilliEgon Perilli
The dataset comprises micro-computed-tomography images for 12 entire femoral epiphyses from healthy Caucasian women (56 – 91 years of age) spanning a range of bone quality from osteoporotic (T-score = -4.75) to normal (T-score = 0.77). The time-lapsed images capture the femoral microstructure at a pixel size of 30 μm under progressively increased loadings. Four specimens were progressively loaded up to cause fracture using 4 – 5 intermediate loadings while the remaining eight were imaged under no load and a selected non-destructive loading.


Synchrotron-based modelling of the deformation and fracture mechanism in normal and osteoporotic femurs under multiaxial loading cycles

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