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Prophage statistics

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posted on 2023-03-19, 02:42 authored by Robert EdwardsRobert Edwards

The presence of prophages in bacterial genomes. 

This file has these columns:

0. GENOMEID - Genbank genome assembly accession

1. Genome Name - Definition of the genome in the genbank file

2. Contigs > 5kb - Number of contigs longer than 5 kb (only these were used to predict prophages)

3. Genome Contigs - Total number of contigs in the genome

4. Number of Coding Sequences - Total number of coding sequences in the genome

5. Too short - Number of phage predictions that were too short (less than 5 genes in the prediction)

6. Not enough phage hits - Number of phage predictions that did not have a single HMM match to VOGdb version 99

7. Kept - Number of high quality prophage predictions

8. Note - Outcome of the computation. You should read this column, especially if the sum of prophage predictions is zero


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