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Predicted prophage like regions in bacterial genomes

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posted on 2023-03-19, 02:54 authored by Robert EdwardsRobert Edwards

This file contains all the predictions about prophages, whether or not they were finally used.

This file is 447M and contains the following information in a tab separated text file:

0. GENOMEID - Genbank genome assembly accession

1. Contig - Contig ID in the genome assembly

2. Start - prophage start position

3. Stop - prophage end position

4. Length - length of the prophage ((end-start)+1)

5. #CDS - number of coding sequences in the prophage

6. Decision - Whether the prophage is predicted or kept. See below.

The decision field has three options: Too short (<5 genes), no genes with homology to any known phage gene, or Kept. The latter means that phispy believes that it is a prophage region.


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